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My Dad

Dwayne L Blackman

POW Log Book


     These are some scans' from Dad's log book. Just click on them to view each one, A new window will appear with the picture. Some of the drawings were traced from things passed around the camp. Space doesn't permit me to show everything I would like, so I may update with different ones now and then. I also have some poems written by POWs, more german newspaper articles with pictures, more cartoon tracings, ect.

Drawing of a guard tower at Stalag IIIB.

Billie, a traceing of a pin-up girl.

Guard Tower drawing.

Stalag IIIB drawing.

Comic drawing of sleeping quarters, making fun of fellow POW.

A few names of fellow POWs.

Propaganda cartoon from german newspaper.

Christmas program from Stalag Luft III.

Christmas program - back page.

Photograph of POWs at camp theater, in costumes.

German newspaper article with photo of Hitler and other Officers.

Article from Stalag IIIB camp paper, about new Chapel (with drawing).

Postcard from Dad to parents, November 1944.

Postcard - back.

Newspaper article listing Iowa soldiers taken prisoner. Dad is fifth on list. June 1943.

POW dreaming.

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